Ladies Bath Body Scrub Set

Ladies Bath Body Scrub Set

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Ladies, if you are on your feet all day its time to unwind and give your feet some much needed care with a pedicure.

It starts by placing warm water into a basin or foot spa, up to the ankles and dissolve foot salts.
To exfoliate the skin the peppermint foot scrub is rubbed into the feet, using the wooden brush to help support the process.

The pumice stone further enhances skin exfoliation by helping to remove calluses and dead skin, whilst leaving feet smooth and refreshed. 

The pedicure is complete by cleaning feet in fresh water, drying and applying peppermint foot butter to moisturise and leave  feet feeling smooth, soft and rejuvenated. 

Free of parabens, silicones, sulphates and minerals oils.  Palm oils used from sustainable accredited sources.

200ml Peppermint Foot Scrub
200ml Peppermint Foot Butter
250g Foot Salts with Dried Flower Petals
Wooden Foot Brush with Pumice Stone
Wooden Storage Box