Sally Embroidered Cushion

Sally Embroidered Cushion

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Beautiful rich hues, high-quality craftsmanship and a wandering floral pattern have been combined to stunning effect in the Sally embroidered cushion.

Drawing inspiration from the charming and lesser-known side of Ibiza, the new season Tigre range hints at warm European climates and a touch of wanderlust - elements which have been stunningly captured in this statement piece.

The cushion features hand-embroidered floral motifs set against a rich cotton  base, delivering a burst of textural goodness. Seasonal hues and a striped cord piping edge add to the striking visual impact. It comes complete with a high quality feather insert.


Measures 50 x 50cm

Boysenberry, Bubblegum, Khaki, Tangerine, Honey, Parchment

Made from 100% cotton